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                    Hot products: Light box,light sign,display

                    NIHAO INDUSTRIES LTD.

                    Tel: (86)21.58755407

                    Fax: (86)21.58755437

                    E-mail: info@china-nihao.com

                      Customer service center

                      NIHAO INDUSTRIES LTD




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                      NEON SIGNS More >>
                      LOGO neon sign
                      1. LOGO neon sign; 2. The color and logo are optional; 3. Neon signs are used for bars, restaura..
                      [ Details ]
                      Letters neon sign
                      1. Letters neon sign; 2. The color and logo are optional; 3. Neon signs are used for bars, resta..
                      [ Details ]
                      LED SIGNS More >>
                      Hanging acrylic led sign
                      1.Hanging acrylic led sign; 2.The logo,size and model are optional; 3.Light signs are used for..
                      [ Details ]
                      LED ATM sign
                      1.LED ATM sign; 2.The model,size and color are optional; 3.Long life,ultra high bright led with ..
                      [ Details ]
                      LIGHT BOXES More >>
                      Display lighting box
                      1. Display lighting box; 2. The model,size, color and logo are optional; 3. Lighting boxes are u..
                      [ Details ]
                      Wall light sign
                      1. Aluminium frame,acrylic panels,LED inside; 2. The model,size,color and logo are optional; 3. ..
                      [ Details ]
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